Earth, Moon, Sun System

3.1 - Be able to use the relative sizes of the Earth, Moon and Sun

3.2 - Be able to use the relative distances between the Earth, Moon and Sun

3.4 - Be able to use information about the mean diameter of the Sun (1.4 × 106 km)

The Sun is approximately 400 times further away from us than the Moon.

The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun.

Because of this, the Sun and Moon appear to look the same size in the Sky.



Estimate with your fingers how large you think the Moon to be at arms length. Next time you see the Moon, try this again. Does it surprise you?

Earth, Moon, Sun Size and Distance
  Approx. Size (km) Average Distance (km)
Sun 1,400,000 150,000,000
Moon 3,500 385,000
Sun divide Moon 400 390