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Space FM was launched in August 2018.

Originally the website was made in 2005 at gcseastronomy.co.uk. SInce then the specification has changed. It has been used by hundreds of schools and thousands of students, many of which did not have curriculum time and the additional resource to gain higher grades.

It was initially available as a paid for resource but this was later made free for everyone to learn about astronomy without subscription or advertisements. While many people still want a substantial site that caters for existing GCSE Astronomy students. Since then many people wanted something that was also a general learning resource to find out about astronomy. This is what Space FM intends to do.

The website still needs to be even more accessible for users with visual difficulties and this is a personal mission of mine. Coming soon there will be news articles, blog features and more astronomy resources.

I hope you enjoy using the website as much as I have (re)making it.

Clear skies!

Frank Ward

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About the Editor

Stonehenge during the Winter Solstice

Frank produced the original guide to GCSE Astronomy to combine his three passions of astronomy, teaching and design.

He is based in Bristol, England and taught computing and astronomy at John Cabot Academy. During that time he guest presented a weekly astronomy segment on local BBC radio as 'Captain Frank T. Ward' which was enjoyed by his mother and several other listeners. Today he works for Imagine Education working with educators across five continents, developing learning systems used by hundreds of thousands of users across the world.

Frank's Favourites
Favourite Stars: Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major
Favourite Planets: Jupiter and Saturn
Favourite Astronomers: Tycho Brahe and Patrick Moore
Favourite Location: Stonehenge. Catch him there every solstice
Favourite Tool: 105mm Maksutov Cassegrain reflector