Inside the Earth

1.3 - Understand the Earth’s major internal divisions and their features:
a} crust
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

Features: Solid layer composed of tectonic plates composed of iron, oxygen, silicon,
Thickness: 8km to 70km continental crust of Granite over an 8km oceanic crust of basalt
Temperature: Approx 20°C


Features: Makes up 80% of the volume of the Earth, Rock is hot enough to melt but remains solid due to pressure. Upper and Lower mantle drive convention currents of semi-solid rock called magma.
Temperature: 2,900km
Thickness: 1,400°C – 3,000°C

Outer Core

Features: Liquid iron and nickel, generates Earth’s magnetic field current.
Thickness: 2,900km thick
Temperature: 3,500-4,000°C

Inner Core

Features: Hottest part of Earth, Sphere of liquid iron.
Thickness: 1,200km
Temperature: 5,000°C – 6,000°C