Solar Features

Prominences are clouds and formations of bright gases expelled from the sun and stretch large distances from its surface. They are mistaken for flames. Magnetic forces work to often drag them back.
They stretch from the chromosphere through the corona. Changes in the magnetic field of the Sun dictate the direction or pattern they take.
They are considered to be less violent than solar flares.

Flares are violent ejections of solar material from the Sun's photosphere.
Often violent eruptions or releases of gas from the Sun usually originating from Sunspot areas have been detected to emit gamma and radio radiation. These may be brief or may last for hours. Many have been estimated to be larger than the Earth.
They are considered to be controlled by the Sun's magnetic field and originate near sunspots. Particles and radiation from flares have been known to cause radio and communications interference and produce intense aurorae on Earth.


Granules are the cell-like grainy like stuctures on the surface of the Sun. Plasma rises to the surface and then dissipate back after forming a granule up to 1,000 km wide that lasts up to 20 minutes.

A Solar Flare eruption