Seas and Oceans (Maria & Oceanus)

- Identify the Moon's principal features, including the Sea of Tranquility, Ocean of Storms, Sea of Crises...

Mare Tranquillitatis, Sea of Tranquility

Lies nearby Mare Serenitatis and Mare Fecunditatis. Its borders are not clear, it is surrounded by some smaller mountain groups as well as small maria called bays.

It is best known for being the landing site of the first manned landing, Apollo 11.


Mare Crisium, Sea of Crises

Circular flat mare to the north of the Sea of Tranquility with few craters within it. Wrinkle ridges are located near its edges.


Oceanus Procellarum, Ocean of Storms

Largest of  lunar mare located on the western side of the Moon (from the northern hemisphere this would be on the left). It is not thought that this mare was created by a 'filled in' impact event.

Its name comes from a myth that after its appearance comes bad weather on Earth.


Crater Size Data
Mare Diameter (km)
Crisium 600
Tranquillitatis 870
Procellarum 2500

  • What are common features that surround maria?
  • How were maria formed?


Maria map Map of maria